A busy winter of work

Over the winter break, a team of volunteers have been hard at work refurbishing the shed and the clubhouse. The ravages of time meant that the shed had started to rot along the side and also on some of the front and back walls. The quickest way to get rid of this, seemed to be to get rid of the wall, which we did.


This meant that we had to put it back together again and we did this by cladding the inside first to try and weatherproof the shed as much as possible. Then we clad the outside in new timber.

In the meantime, Peter set about enhancing the inside and organising the storage. Everything is now hung up with specific storage places for all the equipment. At the same time, he added extensively to the racking in the container, so that all the relatively rarely used gear could be kept in there without getting in the way of the regularly-used kit like buoyancy aids and waterproofs.

The clubhouse also has had a makeover – both inside and out. The roof has been completely rebuilt by Team Bosun and the inside has been painted and refurbished, so should be a much friendlier environment.

The end result of all the work is shown below: