Awards 2017

December 11th was the date for our Christmas party. Luckily, following the snow of the previous day, the snow cleared enough for us all to get together. However, we didn’t manage to sail that morning, though, given an air temperature of around 2oC and strong winds, most people seemed relieved about that!

As part of the party Peter gave out the awards for the 2017 season. These were given as follows:

Gold certificates

  • Brian Perry
  • Chris Rubens-Townsend

Silver certificates

  • Alice Carter- Swallow
  • Andrew Dunnett

Bronze certificates

  • Andrew Seymour
  • Michael Bell
  • Cameron Sherman
  • Glen


  • Matthew Weller
  • Seb Marchei
  • Dan Smith

Helper Prize

  • Martin Lomax

Flossie Trophy

  • Chris Rubens-Townsend

Click on the thumbnails below for photos of the day and the award holders.