Racing for high stakes

Our annual Brandy Race for 2017 took place on 25th September 2017. While the day started with almost no wind at all, it obligingly filled in just in time for the first race. We put eight of our Access 3.03s on the water ready for the day and started with four of them on the water for the single-handed race. There was some close racing among the four participants with a good deal of place-changing during the race. Brian Parry though stayed clearly in front winning the Brandy Cup.

The next race was for the Manningtree Trophy – sailing with buddies. All eight boats started and with slightly more breeze, there was again some excellent racing. After three laps Andrew Seymour (sailing with Finnian Anderson) crossed the line close ahead of Daina Wilson (sailing with Jan Moss).

The final race, after a volunteers lunch, was for high stakes – a bottle of brandy. This race is a traditional one for the project, but no-one seems quite clear on its origins. It does seem a tradition that people want to maintain though – I can’t imagine why! The racing was once again close. Paul B started with a clear lead, but he missed one of the marks and dropped a few places with John W rounding the second mark in first place. However, the chasing pack were snapping at his heels and John N moved into the lead – a lead he maintained through to the end winning the Brandy Trophy.

The overall results were:

Brandy Cup

1. Brian Parry
2. Gil Mason

Manningtree Trophy

1. Andrew Seymour with Finnian Anderson
2. Daina Wilson with Jan Moss
3. Tyler Woods with Doug Chesterman
4. Matthew Weller with John Norman

Brandy Race for Volunteers

1st John Norman
Runner –up– Jan Moss

For some pictures of the day, click on the thumbnails below.